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THE MEET I met SidePart in Tribeca on a freebie night in January 2012. I call it a freebie night because I wasn’t scheduled to be in New York, so if anything better than nothing happened, it would be a win. My best friend Riley and I were supposed to be in Chicago for the … Continue reading

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Burnt Out

Bowie and I were an item for the better part of a year and were a highly combustible duo for a variety of reasons.  By day, we worked at Investment Banks in London, which is to say we both had type-A tendencies, incredible impatience, and risk-adoring personalities.  By night, we were shambolic hipsters who dutifully … Continue reading

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THE MEET SpaceMan and I met via email when our mutual friend, Fischnette, set us up. It was August 2011 and I was reeling from the gut-wrenching break-up from TheBoss that our gaggle of friends still refer to as “The Divorce.” I almost cannot even write about the split-up because I suffer from a combination … Continue reading