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I’m headed to my parents’ house right now to celebrate Christmas for 8 days straight. Like Scandinavian Hanukkah, but with more carols. In preparation for the trip, I ate all of this week’s left-overs cleaned out the fridge, laundered the linens for the house-sitters (albeit too early since I slept in a Snuggie last night), … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Past

This year I opted not to travel for Thanksgiving.  Nothing gives me agita worse than treading on a moving walkway in the airport behind a three-year-old whose parents have given her a miniature suitcase, which seems to serve the sole purpose of adding drag to an already impossibly slow-moving human being. In the past I … Continue reading

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Most Christmas fires start because of dry trees, light strands, lit candles, or stay wrapping paper.  I, however, can start a Christmas fire using just a simple toaster. Christmas 2011, Misadventures with Toast My favorite breakfast is a single piece of peanut butter toast, half a banana, an orange slice, a glass of whole milk, … Continue reading

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THE MEET I met SidePart in Tribeca on a freebie night in January 2012. I call it a freebie night because I wasn’t scheduled to be in New York, so if anything better than nothing happened, it would be a win. My best friend Riley and I were supposed to be in Chicago for the … Continue reading

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THE MEET In the summer of 2010, I met CircleGlasses at The Princeton Club’s weekly live rooftop music program in mid-town Manhattan. I arrived early to snag a high top table in the center of the patio. It was the perfect anchor location for people to drop by, mix, mingle, and move on. While I … Continue reading

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THE MEET I met Armageddon in the summer of 1998, the summer of laceless keds and cut off shorts. He was my childhood friend’s new classmate at their military academy. Armageddon was tall, played hockey, and drove a Chevy Blazer – this combination is like Minnesota-girl kryptonite. There were a few group hang-outs where we … Continue reading