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Zombie Nation

There are a few solid ways to rot your brian: Sipping the sizzup (thank you Lil’ Wayne), or Dropping a sheet of acid (thank you SLC Punk video!), and/or Getting preggers (thank you Michelle Duggar). I just found a new one, which is logging long flights in a short period of time. Some of us … Continue reading

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I Feel Pretty

In the Spring of 2007, I was dating a true lad.  He loved lager, played guitar in a band, and had dirty finger nails.  They were always too short, chewed on, with cracked cuticles – just generally bad boy fingernails. Our lazy Sunday routine usually involved couch time and watching Planet Earth, before a traditional … Continue reading

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THE MEET I met TidalWave in August 2011 in Greenpoint Brooklyn. This was a freebie night with inclement weather (which seems to be a running theme). On Friday I – with the rest of the 20-something Manhattan army – was deployed out to the Hamptons. We spent early Saturday on the beach under tunics, behind … Continue reading