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Burnt Out

Bowie and I were an item for the better part of a year and were a highly combustible duo for a variety of reasons.  By day, we worked at Investment Banks in London, which is to say we both had type-A tendencies, incredible impatience, and risk-adoring personalities.  By night, we were shambolic hipsters who dutifully … Continue reading

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THE MEET SpaceMan and I met via email when our mutual friend, Fischnette, set us up. It was August 2011 and I was reeling from the gut-wrenching break-up from TheBoss that our gaggle of friends still refer to as “The Divorce.” I almost cannot even write about the split-up because I suffer from a combination … Continue reading

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THE MEET In the summer of 2010, I met CircleGlasses at The Princeton Club’s weekly live rooftop music program in mid-town Manhattan. I arrived early to snag a high top table in the center of the patio. It was the perfect anchor location for people to drop by, mix, mingle, and move on. While I … Continue reading

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THE MEET I met Armageddon in the summer of 1998, the summer of laceless keds and cut off shorts. He was my childhood friend’s new classmate at their military academy. Armageddon was tall, played hockey, and drove a Chevy Blazer – this combination is like Minnesota-girl kryptonite. There were a few group hang-outs where we … Continue reading

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THE MEET I met PickleBack in May of 2010. It was a Saturday and my dear, dear friends got engaged that morning. To celebrate, we sailed and drank champagne all afternoon. Appropriately, all the other girls were wearing sweetheart sundresses, so I’m not really sure why I was dressed like the blonde lady in Jurassic … Continue reading

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THE MEET In January 2012 I met BookWorm at a mutual friend’s going away to Africa dinner. There were 20 people at this gathering and all from far-flung origins. I left on the early side and BookWorm chased after to get my number just as I was getting in a cab home. A full month … Continue reading

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Shaggy Part 2

A couple of people have requested more information about this one… so here’s the scoop. THE SECOND DATE It was a Tuesday, and I cannot emphasize this point enough. A Tuesday. I skip work like I skipped school in high school, which is a lot. BUT never with malintent, I just can’t accept the dictation … Continue reading

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THE MEET Fannypack and I met at a bar in New York’s meat-packing district in early 2010 and started dating. He is a high frequency trader and after a particularly devastating transaction said he needed to escape for a few days, so he booked us a weekend in the Caribbean. Going away with someone for … Continue reading