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Peace and Love xoxo

Lisa Frank

I know a great pair of gals, a real case of yin and yang.

The first is named Topanga. She was raised in Malibu, has long curly dark hair, and grew up to be a writer / modern dancer / yoga instructor. The second is named Addison. She was raised in an east coast prep school, has perfectly straight-ironed blond hair, and grew up to be a corporate lawyer.  They are excellent complements; those who know them often wonder – how did you two become friends? Well…

In 2000, they were paired to be freshman roommates (!). Before email and internet, the get-to-know-yall practice was sweetly old fashioned. Both members received the name and home address of their future cellmate in hard copy. Then, it was an optional pen pal situation until move-in day.

On the left coast, Topanga penned a flowery letter to Addison about herself. At the end she signed it, “Peace and Love, Topanga.”

On the other coast, Addison received the letter and typed back a response about herself and her background. She signed it…

“War and Hate, Addison”

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