It’s been five days since that mean lady came to town.  This is what I’ve done.

On Tuesday, I broke my work blackberry and then did nothing.  Literally nothing.  Except I raided a bodega #catfood.

On Wednesday, I went to a black tie dinner at the Waldorf and then traded my soul to the devil for a cab ride home #karma.

On Thursday, I waited in a 1,500 person line for a ferry lift across the east side river #19thcentury.

On Friday, I joined two friends for a midtown visit while they were above the SoPo [South of Power] line.  The reason they were in the neighborhood was to see an urgent care unit after an accident involving a rutabaga and a kitchen knife #how.  While stopping for hot coffee and restrooms, we ran into another post-apocalyptic-urban-commando-survivor-friend.  As he walked away and I saw he had a 12″ billy club flash light in his back pocket #safety.

On Saturday, I arrived on a transportation island.  We don’t have trains or buses or cars #gas-shortage.  We do have lots of time  and plenty of internet, so I made you this map.

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