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It was late 2006 and I was working at an investment bank in London, so the requisite Thursday night plan was a marathon session of gin & tonics with a bunch of bankers on Canary Wharf. This was just one of those Thursday nights and I was with a red-faced group from a friend’s firm rather than my own. I met lots of charming British men, who truly flock to American women like moths to a flame. The next day, my friend said his co-worker “fancied” me, and was hoping to ask me out for the follow week.


Bowie and I were introduced via email and made plans for cocktails on Thursday evening. Like a true Englishman, he drank his 5 G&Ts to my 2. Then, he suggested that we move to a new venue closer to the Bank stop. Fine by me. Here, he ordered a nice bottle of wine and I was very impressed. We exchanged stories – I had just finished graduate school in New York and moved to London. Bowie had worked as a trader for a smaller prop shop after school, but was glad to be at a larger firm now. He had a younger sister who was 17. I had a younger sister who was 22. Then I asked, “How old are you?” To which Bowie replied, “Twenty.” So I said, “Twenty-what? I’m Twenty-four.” And he said…

“No, just twenty.”

I did win my college senior superlative for “Most Likely to Rob the Cradle,” but this was pushing it even for me.

9 thoughts on “TwentySomething?

  1. I agree age is immaterial if the person is on the same wave length as yourself. My foster daughter was more mature than many 25 year olds at the age of 17

  2. Like most young ladies, you were likely looking for someone older, or at least your own age. I can relate. My husband is three months and six days younger than I am and never let’s me forget it.

    Though it’s funny how I thought him to be senior from the moment we met right up until the time we applied for our marriage license. I don’t know how they do it in most states, but in TN they put your age on the line next to your name. When I saw the woman write the same number for both our ages I nearly died! It was too late by then, naturally. I mean I was already head over heels in love with him and two short weeks away from marrying my now younger man.

    Every year, right after my birthday, he gets to claim he married an older woman and I get to claim to be married to a young stud. Once his birthday rolls around we are the same age again, for about nine months, and then the whole cycle starts all over again! Twenty-three years later the joke still doesn’t get old. 🙂

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